Plot Summary: Da Vinci Detects Murder and Sex: A Mystery of Homosexual Persecution in Renaissance Italy Featuring Its Greatest Artists

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Thousands of historical murder mystery fans have enjoyed A Borgia Daughter Dies (4 of 5 stars with 150+ reviews on Amazon!), which tells the true history of the Borgia family and of Leonardo da Vinci's early life, with Leonardo as principal detective. Now Leonardo is back, forced by his real-life patron Niccolo Machiavelli to pursue killer(s) and re-live his arrest during the witch hunt for homosexuals conducted by Florence's diabolical Office of the Night. My lawyer friends may be as shocked … [Read more...]

The Borgias Season 3 – All Fiction So Far


Since the Showtime Borgia series began I have been pointing out what is fact and what is fiction. (I know the difference because I worked hard to keep the history accurate in my .99  historical mystery, A Borgia Daughter Dies.)  The series has  strayed further and further from the historical record, and become stranger and stranger in the process. Season 3  so far is completely fictional, though … [Read more...]

Borgia incest: blame Lucrezia?

Just Who Is the Father?

History reverberates with rumors that the Borgias--father, son Cesare and daughter Lucrezia--committed incest.  Showtime could have taken the high road and avoided the rumors all together, since they are unlikely to be true. (See But judging from the preview to the third season, it appears Showtime is  taking the lowest of low roads: pretend there was incest, and blame it on Lucrezia. This is blaming … [Read more...]

The Borgias and New Technology: Cannons, Muskets, the Printing Press and Incest Rumors

An example of the precursor of the musket

The Borgia miniseries has highlighted some of the technological advances of the Renaissance, to its credit. The writers haven't always gotten the details right, but they are good at showing the essence. … [Read more...]

Lucrezia, Vanozza & Giulia reforming cardinals?

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The  Showtime Borgia series shows the pope's current mistress, Giulia Farnese, teaming up with his daughter Lucrezia and  his former mistress Vanozza to reform corruption among the cardinals of the Church. Did this happen? Not a chance. It isn't even an accurate portrayal of these women, from what little we know of them. … [Read more...]