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Borgias end of season episodes: almost all fiction

Contessa of Forli, alsoThe Showtime Borgia miniseries has little to do with the real history of the period these days.  It’s now easier to identify the rare points of overlap with history, than to point out errors.

In the last two episodes of Season 3, this much was historic fact: Continue reading

The Borgias and “the New World”

Showtime Season 2, Episode 7 has Juan Borgia bringing presents to his father the pope from “the New World.”   Though Rodrigo Borgia had much to do with the future of the New World, this didn’t happen. In fact, Juan’s  repeated  reference to “the New World”  is one of several anachronisms in this episode. Continue reading

Lucrezia Borgia Pregnant and in a Convent?

The San Sisto (or San Sisto Vecchio) ClositerDid Lucrezia Borgia really spend time in a Roman convent?  She did indeed. Its cloister is pictured here.  It is called San Sisto, or San Sisto Vecchio, and has been an active convent for close to 900 years.

The nuns do not speak English and do not welcome visitors. It was a feat, getting into this place.

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