Leonardo da Vinci as homosexual pedophile: The YouTube version

If you are visually oriented, the roots of the controversy around Leonardo da Vinci’s alleged identity as a homosexual pedophile are in this fifteen minute YouTube video:

The basic reason history has labelled da Vinci a homosexual pedophile is covered in the video. I also allude to two secondary reasons: bad biographers (one of whom was undoubtedly a pedophile with ulterior motives for accusing da Vinci) and the fact that he was undoubtedly close to two boys who may have been his adopted sons.

I’m willing to do more videos on those subjects, and perhaps a comparison of da Vinci’s art with Michelangelo’s. The art comparison proves nothing, but it’s fun. (There is fairly good evidence that Michelangelo was gay, and he loved drawing hot young men. Da Vinci sketched alot of women who were probably prostitutes.)

Be sure to leave a comment asking for more, if you are interested.