Da Vinci Detects

Da Vinci Detects

Da Vinci Detects

Renaissance Florence at the zenith of its artistic splendor is the backdrop for this historically sequel to A Borgia Daughter Dies.  Leonardo da Vinci uncovers a serial killer while working for the infamous Niccolò Machiavelli on a secret project for the Florentine Republic. A feared … [Read More]

A Borgia Daughter Dies

Cover-A Borgia Daughter Dies

A Borgia Daughter Dies

The saga of the Borgias and the lives of Leonardo da Vinci and the young Machiavelli form the accurate historical background of this murder mystery, set in the opulence of Renaissance Rome and Milan.  Machiavelli’s illegitimate daughter and … [Read More]

Following the Evidence

Statue of Leonardo da Vinci

Was Leonardo da Vinci a gay pedophile?

To include a fun biography of Leonardo da Vinci, my principal detective, I extensively  researched his sexuality for my $2.99 e-book, A Borgia Daughter Dies. Bottom line: he was either bisexual or heterosexual. For a quick, fun read about the period and da Vinci's life, you can get A Borgia Daughter Dies here: Purchase at Amazon ($2.99) .  The controversy over his sexuality is so fascinating that it forms the historical backdrop for my next book, tentatively titled Da Vinci Detects, available … [Read More...]

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The bell tower of the cathedral at Ferrara

The Second Half of Lucrezia Borgia’s Life

Lucrezia Borgia spent the second half her life in Ferrara. After two marriages that ended in bizarre and terrible ways--as you will see if you watch the Showtime series-- her last marriage to the Duke of Ferrara, Alfonso I (or Alfonso II if you count how many … [Read More]


The Borgias: What Is the Real History?

An interesting exchange of comments on this website has me once again pondering the difficulties of deciding what is accurate history and what is fiction when writing about Italy five hundred years ago. I feel I should clarify one thing about my earlier … [Read More]